In an act of extremism, miscreants set mosques on fire in France

Lahore, 4th May: In France, the extremists set two mosques on fire, damaging their doors and walls.

According to reports, in the French city of Nantes, extremists threw incendiary material at a mosque on Monday in the dark of night and then set it on fire.

All three entrances and interior walls of the mosque were damaged by fire. According to police, the incident of setting fire to the mosque took place at 2:50 pm.

A mosque was also set on fire in Rennes, another French city, where the anti-Islamic slogans were also written on the walls of the mosque.

French Interior Minister Gerald Durmann and Mayor Johanna Roland strongly condemned the attacks on mosques. The French interior minister said freedom of religion was a fundamental law of the French Republic.

The activities of extremists are increasing due to the anti-Islamic statements and policies of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The French interior minister has assured local Muslim organizations that stern action will be taken against miscreants and that extremists who set mosques on fire will be arrested and brought to justice.

French police have launched an investigation into the arson of both mosques.

It should be noted that on February 16 this year, the French parliament passed an anti-Islamic law on which Muslims across the country are protesting.

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