In her latest letter, Sarina Isa asks former Attorney General to be prepared for consequences

Lahore, 12th May: Justice Qazi Faiz Isa’s wife Sarina Isa has once again written a letter to former Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan.

Referring to her prior letter in her latest, Sarina Isa said that she had written a letter to him on May 8 and demanded an apology for the misrepresentation but instead of apologizing, Anwar Mansoor had made matters worse.

Mrs. Isa wrote that she asked the former Attorney General to retract his lies that he had spread about her in his YouTube video, since he didn’t have the grace to do so, she has been compelled to respond.

Sarina Isa wrote that in the Supreme Court, “you distorted the facts and then tried to deprive me of fighting the case in my defense.”

She scoffed and said that Justice Umar Ata Bandial had dismissed Mr. Khan from the post of Attorney General and then sent him to jail but he escaped.

Sarina Isa said, “You kept taunting me that she was trying to get benefits under the guise of her husband’s position. This was a wrong idea.”

While addressing Anwar Mansoor Khan, Sarina Isa said that you have misrepresented the facts about me to the court and have been busy searching for the properties of me, my husband and my children through the East Recovery Unit.

Sarina Isa told Anwar Mansoor Khan that you followed my privacy and kept trying to reveal the secret aspects of my life.

In her letter to Anwar Mansoor Khan, Mrs. Isa wrote that if you say that the judiciary is independent, then dozens of people have been killed in Karachi.

Sarina Isa wrote that now you are threatening me with a criminal case but you are still adamant that my husband and I misrepresented and then blackmailed the Supreme Court judges.

She said that if Anwar Mansoor Khan has strong evidence against them, then he should come forward, otherwise be prepared for the consequences of false allegations.

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