In terms of Trump’s health, 48 hours very crucial

US media have claimed that US President Donald Trump had difficulty breathing in the White House due to Corona and was given oxygen support after which he was taken to hospital.

Donald Trump and his wife were diagnosed with corona yesterday, after which they were quarantined at the White House, but today they were taken to a military hospital with difficulty breathing.

The president’s physicians and the White House are expressing satisfaction with the president’s health, while a White House spokesman said the president had “moderate symptoms”.

However, US media reports now claim that the US President had difficulty breathing before being transferred to the hospital, due to which he was given oxygen support in the White House.

White House doctor says Trump ‘doing very well’ amid coronavirus treatment

The New York Times quoted two people as claiming that Trump had difficulty breathing on Friday and that his breathing level had dropped and he was given oxygen by doctors.

Some media reports have claimed from Trump’s family sources that 48 hours is very important for his health.

Earlier, in a briefing, Dr. Sean Conley said that the US President is feeling better, President Trump has no difficulty breathing and does not need oxygen.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has also tweeted about his health. “I feel better with the help of doctors, nurses and medical staff,” he said.

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