Incorrect Composition of PTV Board

PTVC is a registered Public Limited Company under the Companies Ordinance 1984 with 100 percent of its shares owned by the Government of Pakistan.

1. PTVC is a registered Public Limited Company under the Companies Ordinance 1984 with 100 percent of its shares owned by the Government of Pakistan. In 2014, PTVC has also adopted the Public Sector Corporate Governance Rules 2013.

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2. The PTVC Board of Directors was re-constituted vide Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Notification No.10(23)/2017-TV dated 3rd October, 2018 and a 14 member Board of Directors were notified, with nine “independent” members and rest ex-officio representing the Government of Pakistan.

3. This composition is against the basic principles and law as an entity having 100 percent shares of the Government of Pakistan involving public funding cannot be controlled by a vast majority of private members, nine vs. five in the case of PTV. Recently a similar case of the CDA board was resolved by having a fifty-fifty representation from the Government and the Private Sector.

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4. The position of Chairman PTV has normally been held by the Secretary Information, who is also Principal Accounting Officer and remains so to this day of the corporation as majority of the funding is through public money PSDP and TV licence fee (a Government levy collected by PTV as its agent).

5. Most recently the Supreme Court judgment in Atta Ul Haq Qasmi case has dwelt at length with the appointment of Chairman and Board members in accordance with relevant laws, which has also been bypassed by the present Government in appointment of the present PTV Board and has lead to a lot of pending litigation in various courts of law.

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Wrong people for the job.

All key positions both in the Board and Management are being held by ex-telco personnel with at least four having clear conflict of interest with PTV:

Board Members

a. Mr. Arshad Khan – Chairman PTV (ex-Ufone). Clear conflict of interest

i. Office of Chairman is honorary in nature and not entitled any salary, perks or privileges, Arshad Khan resigned as Chairman PTVC so that he may be appointed as acting Managing Director. It may be noted he had not applied for the said post nor he could be appointed as MD PTVC as he had crossed the prescribed age limit under the guidelines for appointment as head of autonomous bodies as per law.​

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ii. So bypassing due process he became acting Managing Director through PTVC Board against an unprecedented pay package that include salary of Rs. 1,760,000/- (net of taxes) along with chauffer driven 1800 cc car for personal and private use and other facilities like gratuity, TA/DA, hotel accommodation, transport and medical facility etc.

iii. The salary of Arshad Khan was net of taxes, which means he has paid zero income tax, which was paid by PTV. It is also the highest ever salary drawn by any officiating / acting Managing Director.

iv. Said salary package was not been approved by the Federal government. Furthermore, There was no official notification of the resignation of the Chairman Mr. Arshad Khan available on record. His acting charge of Managing Director PTVC was withdrawn vide Government of Pakistan.

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v. However, after reshuffle in the Federal Cabinet, Mr. Arshad Khan again maneuvered his nomination as Chairman/Independent member of PTVC Board of Directors, which has been challenged and is now pending adjudication in court of law.

b. Mr. Amir Mansoor MD PTV (ex Mobilink Head of Data) no experience in either media or managing a large enterprise. Concealed dual nationality (Canadian).

c. Mr. Zuhair A Khaliq, member PTV board and head of board HR committee (ex Mobilink) cannot be board member as per rules as he is also member of PM Task Force on IT. Concealed dual nationality (British).

d. Mr. Rashid Ali Khan member PTV board and head of board Audit committee (also Chairman of Nayatel which has business dealing with PTV). Clear conflict of interest cannot be board member. Concealed dual nationality (USA).

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e. Mian Yousaf Salahuddin is also doing business with PTV for which his residence in Lahore is rented by PTV and has been receiving cheques as payment. From the time he stops work with ptv, which is still continuing, he has to wait at least two years before he can be a board member.

f. Muhammad Ali Bukhari cannot be a board member as he is a political figure and office bearer of PTI lawyer wing. Moreover, he had inducted associate from his own law chambers Mr. Qamar Inayat Raja as PTV legal advisor without following due process. A clear conflict of interest. He has also inducted 4 persons from his village of Malpar without competitive process and also had another staffer of his chambers Mr. Tanveer appointed as coordinator legal.

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Senior Management

g. Usman Bajwa recently appointed CFO (ex- Mobilink).

h. Tahir Mushtaq recently appointed Head of HR (ex Warid and PTCL). His summary for extension in service as member HR Ministry of IT was rejected by PM Secretariat (present Government).

i. Recently hired Ms. Quatrina Hosain, Chief of News and Current Affairs is under qualified for the post and failed to make any progress in PTV News when she was hired twice in 2000 and 2004-5. Moreover PTV News is primarily an Urdu language News Channel and she has no command over the language.

j. Recently hired Mr. Naqvi, Chief of Technology has no experience of the media but was a junior level IT officer in Khushahli Bank.

k. Mr Amin Akhter Head of Sales Pay Package 1,500,000/-.

l. Mr Khawar Azhar Head of Marketing Pay Package 1,400,000/-.

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1. The hiring of the above Chiefs and Heads has been done through a non-transparent process without following prescribed procedure through self appointed headhunting firm.

2. Moreover an additional tier has been created between working directors and the MD through these heads/chiefs.

3. All have been hired at exorbitant salaries of around Rs. 900,000/- each.

4. But despite huge Pay Packages of Entire Team from Private Sector PTV’s Receivables saw massive decline from Rs. 3.65 billion in 2016 to Under 1 billion during current Financial Year.

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Financial mismanagement

a. TV License fee receivables / revenues have been inflated.

b. Write back of GST / taxes has been illegally done in contravention to settled accounting procedure as a result of which:

c. Expenditures have been falsely reduced.

d. Income has been inflated.

e. TV license fee “Receivables” have been logged in the books without carrying out reconciliation from WAPDA / PEPCO.

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f. So called “Profits” have been calculated on “projections”.g. Entry of actuarial of pension of approximately Rs. 2 billion per annum has not been made.

h. The architect of the so called “Profit” former Director Finance Mr. Waseem Parvaiz (with “dubious” educational qualifications) has been rewarded by the management for his “manipulations” by being given a extension in service; he has retired on 17th Sept. 2019 and illegally kept occupying the position of Director Finance, PTV for an additional six months despite decision of the Board to hold an inquiry into his educational qualifications. Even now he is illegally attending and maintaining his office.

i. Pension fund have been misused and eaten up by the Managements from 2013 till date (All Managing Directors involved) thus putting retirees into serious financial crisis they denied their dues of commutation from December 2017 to date. Some 300 pensioners waiting for their dues to be cleared. Which is urgently needed to be cleared to save these senior Citizens from financial crisis.( Even today one Pensioner expired, without getting his commutation dues and non-availability of Medical facilities).

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j. PTV Failed to make payment to EOBI as organization’s contribution thus retirees are not being paid of their due share from EOBI.


1. The management is desperate to have license fee increased from Rs.35 to Rs. 100 as they will be able to cover up the misstatements and financial fudging of the last couple of years.

2. Mr. Arshad Khan introduced license fee in electricity bills Rs. 25 in his first tenure, had it raised from Rs. 25 to 35 in second tenure and is now trying to raise it to Rs. 100. The focus has been on obtaining subsidy as compared to improving content / sales and advertising revenue.

Moreover, based on the press release issued on the 1st of June, PTV was given an entirely new look under approval of the Chairman, MD, Khawar Azhar and other board members. Considering that it was no the responsibility of the junior producers and programme assistance, they should not be made scapegoats.

Attached below is the Press Release:

As part of the comprehensive content revamp plan PTV is going to launch a new sequence of programs on PTV News from June 1, 2020, with contemporary settings, said by the Chairman Board of Directors PTV Arshad Khan after chairing the meeting of the Board’s subcommittee on Strategy and Business Development in Islamabad today.

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Arshad Khan said that PTV’s management is committed to providing authentic and timely information; and objective analyses to its viewers. Besides vibrant channel graphics and modern sets, the new launch includes well thought out discussion and infotainment programs, added Arshad Khan. PTV will offer a range of programming with an emphasis on intellectual debate and in-depth perspectives on news and current affairs, he said.

The committee reviewed the update on the PTV’s overall revamp roadmap that has been developed following the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Managing Director Aamer Manzoor shared with the committee the update on technological up-gradation and HR restructuring.

The chairman shared that the launch is the first phase of a complete turnaround of PTV News that will have its program spectrum considerably expanded in light of the new content strategy. He added that the viewers will be soon be offered a whole array of interesting infotainment programs targeting youth of Pakistan.

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The committee also appreciated the public’s response to the airing of the Urdu dubbed version of the Turkish blockbuster Ertugrul Ghazi telecast by PTV Home. The committee pointed out that the success of the Urdu dubbed version of Ertugrul Ghazi was a testimony of its dubbing quality and effective marketing.

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