Increasing tussle between the Rock Stars

Lahore, 26th Feb: According to the reports of Baaghi TV, Ali Azmat, who is the singer and the songwriter of the new anthem of the Pakistan Super League, season 5, has broken his silence on his spat with the pop star Ali Zafar.

Sharing a screenshot of his post, published on the social networking site Instagram, he wrote that every year a song is released before the start of the PSL, which is not intended to be a repeat of the previous song.

He also wrote, that the anthem released on the occasion of PSL aims to increase the happiness of this special event. We as a nation should appreciate and embrace it.

The singer mentioned, that instead of focusing on the spirit of unity that the anthem provides, we concentrate more on who the singer of that song is? He ends his post by appreciating all the artists performing for their country and shows his patriotism by the writing the slogan of, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.

It is to be noted that the official anthem of PSL Five is sung by Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Haroon Rashid and Asim Azhar, which failed to impress the fans. This matter became controversial when Ali Azmat alleged on a TV show, that his rival singer Ali Zafar could have bought the bloggers to deliberately criticize his song on the social media.

In response to Ali Azmat’s allegations, Ali Zafar issued a video statement which humorously meant that if Ali Azmat’s song was not liked by the people, then it is ‘Bhai’s’ fault.

On a huge demand of his fans, Ali Zafar has started preparing for the PSL anthem himself and has announced two teasers that have become very popular on the social media, and all the fans are eagerly waiting for the completion of the anthem.

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Artists at a brawl over the PSL Anthem

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