India, Afghanistan Collaborate in Dirty Tactics

India targets Balochistan for its dirty political plannings

India used the cricket match between Pakistan and Afghanistan on 29th June, 2019 for plotting scenario against Pakistan.

A jet flying over the cricket stadium with a banner attached and can be clearly read as “Justice for Balochistan”.

India as always used Balochistan’s name for its dirty political plannings.

In the video, it can be clearly seen that a Jet is flying over cricket stadium and it has a long banner with label of Justice of Balochistan.

It is a big question on the biased attitude of International Cricket Council (ICC). It tried to raise the aggression of people of Balochistan as well as other Pakistanis also and the main motive is to create a tension in the ground.

During a game, it shouldn’t have been carried out by India and its well known who is behind all such propaganda.


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