India can never win against Pakistan, President AJK

Wednesday, July 8th: According to the report of Baaghi TV, the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan, has said that the tension between India and China in Ladakh has made the coward Indian Army more prominent than before.

Even before the skirmish in the Gulwan Valley, the Indian army chief had started saying that India did not want a war with China because his army could not afford a two-pronged war and thus the Indian government was appealing to diplomats that let them come forward and save India from a situation in which it has to fight two warring neighbors.

He said this in an interview with the English magazine Global Village Space. Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan said that when India repealed Articles 370 and 35A of its constitution on Kashmir last year, China not only opposed it but also took the Kashmir dispute to the UN Security Council and so you can see that there is full diplomatic harmony between Pakistan and China and this clear alignment between the two countries has not only deprived India of sleep but also shocked many permanent members of the Security Council.

The President of Azad Kashmir said that now that China has taken decisive action against the Indian Army near the Line of Actual Control, the military alignment between China and Pakistan has once again blown India’s senses. The history of this army is full of atrocities on unarmed citizens of Kashmir, Assam and Indian Punjab. The Indian Army has never fought a war and has no experience of fighting a tough war.

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When the President of Azad Kashmir was asked that the Chinese army does not have the experience to fight a hard war because it has not fought a war in recent times, he said that China does not want a war anyway because it does not consider India as its rival. President Masood Khan echoed the words of Sun Tzuka, a Chinese general and military expert, saying that you should win the war without fighting and that is the strategy China is adopting in Ladakh.

When President Sardar Masood Khan was asked to comment on the analysis of Praveen Sahni, a prominent Indian analyst, in which Praveen claimed that the forces of China and Pakistan were capable of fighting together, he said: He said that the forces of both the countries have been conducting joint military exercises between China and Pakistan in the past and we also know that the command and control system of the Indian Army is very weak and the morale of the Indian Army is very low.

If there is a war between India and Pakistan and this war is not nuclear level then we can win this war because our army is aware of the geographical features of the region, its morale is high and above all this Indian army. There is anger and outrage in our army due to atrocities in Kashmir. Let India get rid of the misconception that it can win the war against Pakistan. India has often slandered Pakistan with a veil of lies and considers it its power.

The President of Azad Kashmir said that when you establish the monster of lies around you, then you face the same unpleasant surprises as you faced on the banks of the Peng gang Canal and in the Gulwan Valley. “I am not saying that we should sit idly by considering India weak, but that our forces must be ready and so should the entire nation,” he said.

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