India-China Tensions: Is Indian army ready for the winters?

For more than three months now, Indian and Chinese troops have been facing each other in Ladakh. While talks are underway between the two countries, the deployment of more troops and preparations for the coming days are putting the Indian Army under tremendous pressure.

An Indian Army official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Indian Army had decided that “security personnel sent to the area to strengthen its presence will not be recalled for the time being.” In other words, the troops will now remain in the area in the winter, and this shows the seriousness of the current situation.

With the onset of summer every year in Ladakh, snow removal from the roads begins. During this time, the work of providing essential supplies to the troops for the winter begins, as the roads here are closed in the winter and it becomes difficult to deliver supplies to the troops.

It is common for anyone traveling to Ladakh by road in the summer to see long and one-way military convoys. In winter, on the way to Ladakh from Rohtang Pass via Manali via Jozilla Pass in Srinagar, a blanket of snow remains frozen.

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