India curbs rights of minorities:Mishal Malik

ISLAMABAD, Dec 17 (APP): Mishal Malik, wife of jailed Kashmiri freedom movement leader Yasin Malik said on Tuesday Indian government should not press voice of protestors against the controversial act.

While condemning the Modi’s brunt persecution of minorities particularly Muslims in India by passing the act of Citizen Amendment Bill, she said it seemed Modi’s government was working on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) policy to sabotage the rights of minorities and imposed Hindutava in the so-called democratic and secular country.

India’s fascist face was unveiled in 2002 when Hindu extremists massacred the majority of innocent people on the basis of religious discrimination, moreover the miscreants could not be brought to justice till date, she remarked while talking to a private news channel.

This was the right time for the world to realize that India had been oppressing the due right of Kashmiris, the Indian government could never step forward for peaceful region as it continued its atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir for last many decades, she stated.

“Modi government has been maltreating the Kashmiri Muslims for long and now it has continued the same savage practice in its own state by imposing ban on public protests and expression of freedom, as the people who raised voice against the controversial act were manhandled and apprehended,” she mentioned.

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