India deploys long-range missile Nirbhay to counter Chinese threat at LAC

In a major boost to India’s long-range defence, the security forces have rolled out homegrown subsonic missile Nirbhay to counter China’s missile deployment along the Line of Actual Control.

The surface-to-surface missile has a reach of up to 1,000 km. The Nirbhay missile is capable of low-level stealth strike on targets. It means it is capable of flying between 100 metres to four km from ground and pick up the target before engaging it.

The Nirbhay missile has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The missile has been in the testing for seven years. This is Nirbhay missile’s first deployment.

According to sources, the new missiles have been deployed in a limited number for now. The missile is likely to get full op clearance later.

The all-weather surface-to-surface missile has a range that can go up to 1,000 km, which mean it is capable of striking targets in Tibet.

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