“India has set up 7 Training Camps in Afghanistan”: Sheikh Rasheed

Mastung, Quetta: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed says, “India has set up seven training camps in Afghanistan in the last 40 years and have spent billions to prepare the Afghan intelligence agency, NDS.”

He also called the attack on the FC vehicle a suicide attack. 

At the Torkham border, he made a statement for the media and stated:

“I wish the world media could air how dissatisfied the Indians were while leaving Afghanistan.” 

Sheikh Rashid also said that it was too early to say anything about Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), Baloch Liberation Army (BLF) and ISIS in the attack on FC vehicle on the Quetta-Mastung highway. However, the intelligence agencies are investigating.

“We will never allow our land to be used against Afghanistan and we hope that Afghan land will not be used against Pakistan,” he said, quoting Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Sheikh Rashid said, “The region is going to develop with political changes, peace, stability. The development of Afghanistan is our success.”

Replying to a question, he stated, “Prime Minister Imran Khan would be the one to acknowledge the political change taking place in Afghanistan. The decision would be his; I can only answer the responsibility of the Torkham border.”

He addressed the international media and advised them not to cite the misleading facts of Indian media; 4,000 Afghans have entered Pakistan. However, more have gone from here to there.

Sheikh Rashid questioned, “9,000 out of 10,000 have returned, so how is the Indian media propagating?”

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Without naming the United States, the Interior Minister expressed the possibility of “a new bloc” emerging due to the pressure from people thousands of miles away.

He also mentioned that fencing the Pak-Afghan border was almost 97 per cent complete. In comparison, the process towards Iran was only 48 per cent.

When inquired about Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director-General Lieutenant-General Faiz Hameed in Afghanistan, Sheikh Rashid said he was very “smart”. He also questioned why the Indian Media has been analyzing this situation so profoundly?

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“Didn’t American and British officials visit Afghanistan and if General Faiz went there, that’s a good thing.”

We may recall that a video of Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed was released yesterday. The footage showed him present in Kabul with Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan and other Pakistani officials.

Ever since the video has surfaced, the Indian media has been spreading propaganda in this regard. The presence of General Faiz Hameed in Kabul is their main concern.

General Faiz Hameed will meet with Taliban leaders during his visit. During the meeting, he will discuss the pending requests of other countries and institutions to evacuate their people from Pakistan.

In addition, Sheikh Rashid said that India had set up seven training camps in Afghanistan over 40 years. They have spent billions of dollars to develop the Afghan intelligence agency NDS.

He told a journalist that “this is like a slap in the face of India”. He states, “All the Afghans entering Pakistan had visas.”He then pointed out the responsibility of the Taliban. He said it is time to see how they pass this “test”, pointing to their government.

“Of course, some terrorist groups will put pressure, but now our army is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Our nation and army will crush the terrorists together,” he added.

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