India has signed defense agreement with Israel worth 300 Crore Indian Rupee.

India has signed a new defense deal with Israel, worth Inrs 300 Crore.

According to the reports of Baaghitv,  India has inked a new defense agreement with Israel. According to the agreement, Indian Air Force to purchase 100 SPICE bombs from Israel. India badly need those 100 spice bombs as India is upgrading its Air Force, after the dog-fight with Pakistan in the skies of Kashmir, which exposed the military capability of IAF. SPICE bomb has a standoff range of 60 kilometres and approaches the target as its unique scene-matching algorithm compares the electro-optical image received in real-time via the weapon seeker with mission reference data stored in the weapon computer memory and adjusts the flight path accordingly.

As per the contract, the advanced SPICE bombs would be delivered to the Air Force in the next three months as the deal is under emergency powers.

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