India is the biggest threat for peace: Munir Akram

New York (13th Dec, 2019): Pakistan’s permanent envoy in the United Nations (UN), Munir Akram, has said that India is the biggest threat for peace in the region. 

According to reports, while working to expose the Hindutva extremism and Modi government for their anti-Islamic policies, Munir Akram, stated that the BJP is promoting RSS ideology which is focused on making India a Hindu state.

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Akram argued that the Muslim identity and heritage in India is being diminished by enforcing fascist ideological system in India. He further stated that the steps taken by the Indian government in the Indian Occupied Kashmir valley are an outcome of the Hindu dogma as well as organized hostility against Islam.

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Moreover, he cautioned that there is a threat of massive bloodshed and genocide in the Chinar valley. He added further that if the international community does not play its role in controlling the Indian aggression in the region, it may result in a dire threat to the peace of security.

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