India may have launched false flag operation to divert attention from terrorism: PM Imran Khan

India wants to carry out false flag operation to divert attention from atrocities against Kashmiris, the world should take notice.

The Prime Minister, realizing the Indian intentions, has warned that India can do the worst to divert attention from the atrocities in India-occupied Kashmir. The UN should take notice and stop India from committing genocide in occupied Kashmir.

The Prime Minister has issued an emergency message Twitter saying ” I’m reiterating again that a false flag operation is imminent from India in order to divert world attention away from it’s ongoing genocide in IOJK.”

Following this tweet he also mentioned that 15 houses were set on fire by the Indian occupation forces in occupied Kashmir yesterday. Imran Khan stated, more than 900,000 Indian occupying forces were brutally persecuting Kashmiris. Modi’s government commiting war crimes in Occupied Kashmir to uphold Hindutva ideology.

The Prime Minister further said that India was playing a big conspiratorial game in the name of domicile to change the geographical position of Occupied Kashmir, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that Modi had deprived Kashmiris of their right to self determination, adding to that Modis government was treating Kashmiris inhumanely using pellet guns.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, Narendra Modi wants to deprive Kashmiris of their right to self-determination. Kashmiris are being given less status than a caged animal and they are being oppressed by cruel use of force.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Kashmiris are being deprived of basic necessities like food and medicine. Needs are being deprived and the young generation is being arrested on a large scale.

The Prime Minister said that Kashmiris have been occluded from the rest of the world by cutting off communication services. He said that India was linking the struggle of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination with terrorism. Imran Khan said that according to UN resolutions His struggle is legal and guaranteed by the General Assembly.