Indian-Americans Hijacked Biden’s Cabinet


Washington, 11th November: The President-Elect, who was seen by the world as a neutral president, has reportedly become pro-India even before he has sworn in.

Newly-elected US President Joe Biden, along with his Vice President Kamala Harris, has added more than 20 Indian-Americans to the Agency Review Teams (ART).

These Indian-Americans will be part of the teams responsible for reviewing the actions of federal agencies so that the incoming Biden-Harris administration is ready to lead the United States.

These teams have diverse perspectives on how to address America’s most pressing and complex challenges, and three Indian-Americans have been selected to lead such teams.

Arun Majmuddar has been selected to lead the energy department. The Department of Energy team will also review the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Kiran Ahuja will lead the Office of Personnel Management. The Office of Personnel Management Team will also review the Office of Government Ethics, the Office of Special Counsel, United States Administrative Affairs, the Merit System Protection Board, and the Federal Thirt Retirement Investment Board.

Rahul Gupta has been named team leader for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Other Indian-Americans selected include Arun Venkataraman, who will head the Commerce Department and the United States Office of Commerce.

Zakaria, Sabhasri Ramanthan (Department of Homeland Security), Raj D (Department of Justice), Seema Nanda and Raj Naik for Department of Labor, Reena Agarwal and Satyam Khanna have been nominated for Federal Reserve, Banking and Securities for Energy Department. 

Regulators ART, Bhavia Lal for NASA, Dilpreet Sadhu (National Security Council), Divya Kamaria (Office of Management and Budget), Kumar Chandran (Department of Agriculture) and Anish Chopra (US Postal Service).

According to sources, hundreds of Indians have been given important responsibilities, but more than half of the hundreds of members of the ART are women, and about 40 percent represent the parties that have historically represented the federal government.

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