Indian anchor Rohit Sardana’s tearful video message exposes Modi Govt

Lahore, 2nd May: Indian TV anchor Rohit Sardana who was a part of Modi media gave a tearful message before he passed away two days ago.

Renowned Indian journalist Rohit Sardana died of COVID-related Cardiac arrest days after he tested positive.

Rohit Sardana shook the world by giving the last message of his life and telling the truth about the Modi government.

A video has been circulating on social media, where Sardana has revealed bitter facts about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his fascist government.

“Now it seems that India has become hell,” said the anchor, weeping and sobbing.

“Modi used to make big claims. Their false claims are now in front of everyone. Now it seems that there is no such thing as a government in this country. There is no system. We have been left at the mercy of plague and disease,” he added in his video.

He said that human beings have been left like insects to die on the roads and intersections.

The Indian anchor cried at the situation they are going through now.

He added, “Some of us are waiting for some unseen power. I haven’t cried in the last forty-five years before. Healthcare doctors can see patients dying in front of their eyes and still they can’t do anything for them.”

He said, “Believe me, the way these doctors are doing, they will go into a year of mental illness that we can’t even imagine.”

The journalist had appealed to PM Modi in his last video to build proper hospitals instead of temples in the country. He pointed out that this country needs well-equipped hospitals rather than places of worship. 

He said that instead of fighting for Hindu temples or Muslim mosques, India should focus on treating the sick only. We must think of our future generations as a nation.

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