Indian Army helicopter crashes in Jammu

Aug 3, 2021: An Indian Army helicopter has crashed at Ranjit Sagar Dam in Kathua, located in Indian Occupied Jammu area.

A National Disaster Response Force team has been deployed to carry out search and rescue operations.

There were no immediate reports of any casualties, according to Superintendent of Police of Pathankot said. The dam is located about 30 km from Pathankot in Punjab.

The helicopter of the 254 Army Aviation Squadron took off from Mamun Cantt at 10:20 am. The helicopter was carrying out low-level sorties in the Ranjit Sagar Dam area when it crashed.

Rescue teams have reached the spot after the helicopter crashed and an investigation has been launched along with rescue operations. The cause of the crash is still unknown.

According to reports, drones have been spotted continuously after the drone strikes on the Indian Air Force base in Jammu and Kashmir, due to which the Indian Army has tightened security and decided to use helicopters to capture and shoot down the drones. The Indian Army has been firing on drones but not a single drone has been shot down so far.

This is the fourth crash of an Indian plane or helicopter in 2021. In May 2021, an Air Force fighter jet crashed during a MiG-21. The pilot of the plane was killed in the accident.

Squadron Leader of the Indian Air Force Abhinav Chaudhry The plane crashed in Moga area of ​​Punjab province due to technical malfunction during the flight.

Earlier in March 2021, a MiG-21 plane had crashed. Earlier on January 6 this year, a MiG-21 plane had also crashed in the border area of ​​the state of Rajasthan, Suratgarh.

According to reports, a MiG-21 aircraft of the Air Force caught fire shortly after taking off from Suratgarh Airbase, after which the aircraft landed in Agra.

The plane was also shot down on November 27 last year. In two years, several Indian warplanes were destroyed. During February and March, a total of 10 Indian Air Force fighter jets were destroyed, two of which were killed by Pakistan Air Force hawks. 

According to reports, the Indian government spends billions of dollars on arms purchases, yet the Indian military continues to bemoan the shortage of arms.

It should be noted that two years ago, on February 27, when Pakistan shot down an Indian plane and arrested the Indian pilot Abhinandan, the Indian Air Force had targeted its own Mi-17 helicopter.

Initially, the Indian government kept lying about it. In October last year, Indian Air Force Chief Rakesh Kumar admitted that his Mi-17 helicopter had not crashed on February 27 but had been hit by a missile. Investigations have been completed since. The investigation has revealed that Helicopter itself was mistakenly shot down by the Indian Army.

The Air Force has transferred the most senior air officer commander of Srinagar Air Base in Occupied Kashmir. An investigation was underway against the Air Officer Commander in the February 27 incident in which the Indian Air Force itself shot down its MI-17 helicopter with a missile, a preliminary inquiry report said.

An Air Force officer has been removed under whose supervision the accident happened. The accident also identified a number of Indian Air Force errors.

The report said that the air traffic control recalled the helicopter at a time when there was a battle between the Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force in Nowshera sector of Rajouri.

The helicopter should have turned to the safe zone set up for its aircraft until the air defense alert is closed.

According to the report, further action will be taken against the Air Force officer, cases will be filed against the officers and there will be a Court of Inquiry .

It should be noted that on February 27, when Pakistan shot down two Indian warplanes, at the same time India shot down its Russian-made helicopter thinking it was a Pakistani plane.

In this accident, 6 officers of the Indian Air Force were killed. On September 17 last year, the Indian Army suffered the loss of another aircraft. An Indian Air Force drone crashed in the Chhatrawar district of the Indian state of Karnataka. India claimed to have flown the drone on a trial basis. The test drone was destroyed.

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