Indian commentators indulge in on-air verbal spat

New Dehli (26th Nov, 2019): Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar and commentator Harsha Bhogle engaged in a heated argument on air.

While commentating, Bhogle suggested that the administrators should take player’s feedback regarding the visibility of the pink ball used in the match.

“When there is a post-mortem done of this, the visibility of the ball will be one of things to look at,” Bhogle said.

Manjrekar, however, was quick to dismiss commentator’s recommendation.

“Don’t think so. Don’t think visibility is an issue,” said Manjrekar.

Bhogle insisted that it shouldn’t be an issue to inquire if players faced any problems during the match.

“We just need to ask the players what they think,” Bhogle replied

Former cricketer was not happy with Bhogle’s continuous argument and took a shot at his lack of experience with regards to playing international cricket.

“For us who have played the game, we get a fair idea about what’s happening out there. I really think watching two-and-a-half, three days of cricket, I don’t think visibility is an issue,” he said. “We’ve seen some terrific catches taken in the slips and on the boundary as well. I say this with some authority because 10-15 years of first class cricket, that’s what we did.”

Bhogle continued to present his rationale regarding why it is important to ask player’s opinion.

“The only reason you need to ask is, having played cricket should never be a limitation or a ceiling to learning. We would never have had T20 cricket otherwise.”

The argument ended with Manjrekar saying, “Point taken, don’t agree.”

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