Indian Family Caught Stealing from Hotel in Indonesia

Bali (29th July, 2019): As confirmed by Dunya News, an Indian family has been apprehended stealing from a resort in Indonesia as they were reportedly checking out.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the news confirmed by Dunya News, was first brought forward by a series of Tweets by an Indian user on his Twitter account. Reportedly the Indian family was caught stealing on their way out of the resort following check out.

It can be observed in the video which is almost 2 minutes and 20 seconds long that the hotel officials are scanning the family’s luggage on their way out. While the family initially argued with the staff, upon opening the suitcases, items stolen from the room turned out to be accessories such as towels, electronics, decorative pieces among other things et cetera.

Moreover, a woman can be see pleading the hotel staff in Bali, Indonesia to let them go stating, “We are really very sorry.” she then adds, “We will pay you. Please let us go because we have to catch our flight”.

The tweet shared by @hemanthpmc, Indian user who highlighted the incident on Twitter, read as: “This family was caught stealing hotel accessories. Such an embarrassment for India.” He continued too tweet that those carrying “an must remember that we are ambassadors of the nation and behave accordingly” adding, that the Indian government  should cancel passports of all those who “erode” India’s “credibility”.

In another tweet he added, that his experience living in Indonesia has taught him that Indonesians as a nation as the “gentlest, most respectful people I have met”. He further commented that they “old India & Indians in very high esteem” which is why such an incident surfacing is that much more “gut-wrenching” to see.

He posted another tweet where he discussed the need for Indian citizens to carry a “booklet on the do’s & don’t’s during international travel” as they now travel “extensively”. Other Twitter users have also shared their concerns with one stressing, “You can’t steal and say “I will pay” on being caught. Doesn’t make sense at all”.

However, this is not the only incident where Indians have been put to shame as tourists. Chairman RPG, Harsh Goenka, spoke against a notice that made him feel angry because it reminded him that Indians as a tourists are “loud, rude” and “not culturally sensitive”.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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