Indian farmers burnt Modi’s effigies on ‘Dussehra’ festival

Indian farmers burnt Modi's effigies on 'Dussehra' festival

The people of the Indian state of Punjab burnt the effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of the religious festival ‘Dussehra’.

According to the details, farmers in the Indian Punjab celebrated the traditional festival of Dussehra on Sunday, a day when Hindus burn the effigies of Rawan. The highlight of the festival on Sunday was that the people of Indian Punjab burned the effigies of Narendra Modi instead of Rawan.

The Punjab Farmers Union had distributed Modi’s effigies free of cost on the occasion of Dussehra in different cities of the state like Bathinda, Tarn Taran Sahib, Ferozepur, Amritsar etc. The Hindus believe that by burning Rawan, all their sins are burnt to ashes and they get rid of their troubles.

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Farmers union officials say that Modi is the biggest devil for India and burning this big devil on the occasion of Dussehra will bring peace in the country.

It is to be noted that farmers’ demonstrations are at their peak all over Punjab and farmers have been protesting against the Agriculture Ordinance enacted by the Modi government for several days.

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This is a unique incident of burning Modi’s effigies instead of traditional effigies on the occasion of Dussehra. Farmers have the support of the long-time ally of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Akali Dal, which recently severed ties with the BJP in opposition to the Agriculture Ordinance.

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Keep in mind that farmers in India are facing serious economic problems and thousands of farmers commit suicide every year under the same compulsions.

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  1. samir sardana 1 January, 2021 at 01:55 Reply

    The Sikhs are doomed ! 1st they sent the men,then the kids and now the women ! All these stunts will have
    no impact of Modi,Unless half a million farmers enter Delhi – there will be no impact.With Rails closed,the farmer have to WALK. A man can walk 30-50kms in a day

    The Sikh Gambit

    If Sikhs had staged this protest with Aurangzeb,he would have listened,and the Sikh Gurus would have been alive. But Modi will not listeh.He kept the Kashmiris in cages for 1 YEAR AND ALSO THEIR LEADERS .dindooohindoo

    The 1st Gambit for the farmers is 26th January ! This is the vulnerability of Modi – if the farmers reach the
    venue !

    After that, the advantage is for Modi.

    Thereafter,the Farmers have to RAISE THE COST for Modi.

    Basically,Agri infrastructure will be viable only,if farmers subsidy is lowered (as the money saved will do into the deficit and infrastructure),and land prices are reduced-as the GOI,has no money.THEREFORE,GOI will SCRAP THE MSP (100%),to wipe out farming in Punjab and Haryana,as there is enough rice,wheat and dals being grown in,or near states of PDS use,and Consumer use.So it makes no sense to grow it almost entirely,
    in 2 states (Punjab and Haryana),and spend money on dead freight and dead storage,by carting it to the states of usage.

    It makes no sense to export wheat and rice,as there will be a huge price loss,and it will lower global food prices (and global food traders regularly bribe Indian politicians,to hold on to their stocks,and NOT to sell their stocks)

    By scrapping MSP,”bulk no brain farming” (of rice and wheat) with huge gains TO LARGE FARMERS AND TRADERS,IN Punjab and Haryana,will stop.That will destroy farming and CRASH FARM LAND PRICES.Once Farm land prices crash ,cost of agri infra will REDUCE and make agri infra viable. Once Farming of Rice and what STOPS,all the subsidy down their agri-supply chain will be saved.


    The Sikhs are doomed like their Gurus.Only way is Khalistan !

    Else,Sikhs will be wiped out.Look at what Modi did to the 200 Million Muslims.What can these Sikhs do – besides harping on their “Gurus” who were CONNED by the same Banias/Brahmins TO DIE for them AND THEN these Banias and Brahmins DID BLUE STAR and DESTROYED Punjab

    But the Sikhs STILL DO NOT GET IT !

    The Solution

    The Sikhs are juveniles and fools.Their future lies in Khalistan.India is a failed state.There are only 2 paths for India


    2.Destruction of India and then Partition between Pakistan,China.Lanka,Kashmir,Bangladesh,Khalistan,Dalitistan,Dravidian state and a Muslim state

    Other than a call to arms,if the Sikhs REALLY want to make the GOI – procure on MSP and withdraw the bills,they have to BOYCOTT farming for 6 months.In other words,they need to farm ONLY FOR SELF CONSUMPTION.No sales to the State or the private traders.Thereafer the Farm organisations in USA/Canada and UK can build positions on CBOT.That will offset the agri income loss for the striking farmers

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