Indian govt rejected US senator request to visit occupied Kashmir

United states of America’s Democratic Party senator Chris Van Hollen requested Indian Government to give him permission to visit Occupied valley.

Indian Government refused to give permission to United states Senator to visit Indian Occupied Kashmir. Congressman Chris Van Hollen is first American senator whose request was denied by Indian Government.

India facing huge challenges across the globe for his unilateral action on Kashmir, as india removed section 370A from constitution on 5 August,  which gives Kashmir a special status.India is under criticism from 5 August.

American congressman was Born in Karachi and joined school in Kodaikanal town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu while his father served as an American diplomat in Sri Lanka, Van Hollen has been jumped into the Indian politics.

Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, he said, “I wanted to visit Kashmir to see first-hand what was happening, but was not allowed by the Indian government. We had approached the government about a week ago, but were told it was not the right time to go there.”

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