Indian media: Was PM Modi a famous Muslim leader in his past life?


Lahore, 16th September: Indian media’s absurd thinking has once again come into the light after a video has resurfaced social media.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, an old video from the Indian media has resurfaced social media highlighting the inane analogy that the Indians have for their current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Indian media has often been very crude in its praise of Prime Minister Modi. In this regard, he is sometimes portrayed as the most successful Prime Minister of India and sometimes as an extraordinary person in the world.

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A revelation about Modi by the Indian media has left the Pakistanis shocked. In the video, it is said that in his previous birth, Narendra Modi was a well-known Muslim leader and thinker, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Baaghi TV got hold of the video:

According to the Indian media report, Sir Syed  Ahmed Khan is reincarnated now as Narendra Modi.

In other words, the Indian media is telling the world that Modi was actually Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and that this is his rebirth.

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The media claimed that he is such a great ruler, who can be justified to be compared to the Muslim leader Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Their absurd thinking leads them to imagine that Modi got his inspiration from the Muslim reformer and thinker.

It should be noted that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan raised his voice for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. It was he who wanted a separate entity for the Muslims. How can Indians make such a comparison between both?

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Reincarnation after death is a part of the Hindu religion, which is against the Muslim belief, which basically means that a person who dies once, comes again in this world in some other form.
This analogy is pointless because Muslims don’t believe in reincarnation like Hindus so if Modi really was a Muslim in his past life then this is probably just a hallucination because Modi cannot come back to life as a Hindu.
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is such a big name for the Muslims of the subcontinent. He was born on 17th October 1817 and died on the 27th of March 1898. He was an Islamic reformer of the nineteenth century. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the founder of the famous Aligarh University in India.
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