Indian Muslim medical student was forced to slog ‘Jay-Shari Ram’

A Burqa wearing medical student in India was forced to chant Jay Shari Ram.

According to our report, this incident took place in a medical college in eastern Bengal, where 10 to 12 Hindu extremists forced the student to chant in favor of Hindus. The victim is the student of final year at the Medical College. She said that she was returning with her friend after having lunch at the canteen when she forced to slog Jay-Shari Ram and then we left there. The victim said that she has never seen those people in college before.

The victim said that the local police refused to file a complaint initially, but they filed her complaint on the condition of removing the word ‘threat’ from the context. But later on, that word was also included. The student further told that this has never happened before.

This is the fourth incident after the success of the BJP’s most popular organization in the present-day Sabha election, which forced Muslims to slog Jay Shari Ram.

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