Pakistani Kohima Mohammad Ali Sadpara headed Nepal’s 8,485 meter Makalu peak

Pakistan’s leading Kohima Mohammad Ali Sadpara has won the honor of being the first Pakistani to head 7-885 meters high “Makalu Peak” in Nepal heading seven peaks.

According to the report, the insurgency has been reported by the ISPR that the famous Kohima Muhammad Ali Sadpara is the first and the only quadruple of the seven peaks of eight thousand meters around the world.

ISPR told that the “Makalu” is recognized as the fifth largest peak of the world, which is headed by Pakistan Kohima Mohammad Ali Sadpara, while the Pakistani army provided helped and supported him.

Before Muhammad Ali Sadpara, another Kohima Mirza Ali Bag had headed Mount Everest on May 22. In the past, all possible facilities were provided to kohima by the Pak Army.

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