Indian Navy deploys warship in South China Sea

India Navy has dispatched one of its frontline warships to the South China Sea.

“We have deployed a frontline warship in the South China Sea region where the Chinese have been opposing and complaining against the presence of Indian warships,” top government sources told Aajtak and India Today.

The Indian warship is constantly maintaining contact with their American counterparts who were operating on the other edge of the South China Sea, much to the chagrin of China.

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The deployment by the Indian Navy has infuriated the Chinese government. In one round of diplomatic talks between India and China, the Chinese side complained about the presence of the warship in the disputed region.

For the Chinese government, the South China Sea holds an important place and they don’t like the presence of any other countries’ warships in the disputed region.

Sources said that the Indian side, while deploying its warship in the South China Sea region, was very clear that in view of the rising hostilities in the eastern Ladakh sector there was the possibility that the Chinese might stop them from doing so.

The Indian Navy has deployed its warships all along the Indian Ocean region especially the Malacca Straits where the Chinese enter the Indian Ocean region for going towards other continents.