Indian Occupied Kashmir – Continuity of hardships and despair

It’s been two years since the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IIOJK) continues to be under siege, when Modi’s fascist government on 5th August 2019 unilaterally abrogated the limited autonomy of Occupied Kashmir by scrapping article 370 and 35-A of its constitution.

However, the scrapping of articles 370 and 35-A wasn’t the end of suffering for Kashmiris as it was claimed by Modi’s government. Rather, it was the beginning of a new era of hardships and nightmares for the people of Kashmir as Indian occupied Kashmir had been under fascist military siege ever since losing its autonomy and has endured all kinds of inhumane torture by the Indian occupied forces.

India’s unilateral constitutional amendment was accompanied by a severe crackdown in occupied valley with India by sending in thousands of troops to join the already present half a million troops to further tighten the previously imposed sweeping curfew. The occupied valley till now is completely cut off with the rest of the world virtually. More than thousands of Kashmiris have been arrested and tortured in Kashmir since India’s illegal move. Even the international media is not allowed to report in the region as Modi’s regime knows that the facts on the ground will reveal the horrific and barbaric face of India.

Frustration, anger, and fear continue to increase among the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir since 5th August 2019 as Modi’s fascist regime stripped the entire region of its semi-autonomous status and imposed a curfew and complete communication blackout, during the whole scenario thousands of people were arrested and held under the controversial law of Public Safety Act (PSA) which allows the authorities to imprison an individual for up to 2 years without any charge or trial.

Moreover, in these last two years, Indian Occupied Kashmir has witnessed more than thousands of killing during those barbaric military operations, they also witnessed more than 55 internet shutdowns and the destruction of more than 48 structures in the valley.

Even the Indian military has conducted countless human right violations which includes the intense usage of pellet guns, rape, murder, enforced disappearances and then spread of false news about the scenario of the valley by blaming Pakistan. Though multiple times Indian military has conducted severe human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir but in the end to spread misinformation and to defame Pakistan they claim that the situation was led by terrorists. It is because of India’s dirty tactics that the issue of Kashmir has remained unresolved to date, multiple times India has misguided the UN as well on the issue of Kashmir.

Additionally, the more shocking and depressing reality of the Indian regime is that the Muslims in Kashmir are not the ones who are suffering rather due to Modi’s intolerant and fascist ideology Muslims across all of India are witnessing a dreadful wave of Islamophobia which has led to an imminent humanitarian crisis. The Indian government and its forces are conspiring against Muslims. They are spreading various propaganda for the genocide of Muslims, Modi’s government aims to deprive them of civil rights by declaring them, foreigners.

Consequently, Pakistan has been consistent and a vocal supporter of the Kashmir cause on all national and international forums, and it has always condemned in the strongest possible terms human rights violations carried out by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir and other such incidents of Indian terrorism that have been the source of never-ending sufferings for the innocent Kashmiri people.

Furthermore, Pakistan has urged the international community to review its engagements with India as it is continuously violating and disregarding international humanitarian law and international resolutions. Jammu and Kashmir are one of the major disputes between Pakistan and India and if the international community strives to bring peace within South Asia, the resolution is the ultimate solution for the people of Kashmir.

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