Indian State Terrorism, All Parties Should Unite

Lahore: India imposes war on Kashmir, it is high time to stand with the Kashmiris. The entire nation should unite, all political parties of Pakistan should unite and dissolve their differences against the enemy. These were the views expressed by the general public while speaking to Baaghi TV.

While talking to Baaghi TV, individuals from different walks of life have appealed to the opposition political parties to show practical unity in fighting the enemy rather than fighting each other this time. It is time to unite for the national interest of Pakistan.

A large number of people in Lahore, talking to Baaghi TV, have said that the way India has launched cluster bombings on Kashmiris is a major threat. These conditions require that Kashmiris should be prevented from the genocide of India.

There is a dire need for the entire nation to stand on one page to support Kashmir.

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