Indian users are upset over Israeli PM’s refusal to thank India as a supporter for Israel

May 17, 2021: According to the report of BaaghiTV, Israel continues its atrocities against the Palestinians. The Israeli defence forces have killed nine more Palestinians, bringing the number of martyrs to more than 200, including 58 children and 34 women.

On the other hand, Hamas’s retaliatory operations are also continuing. The Zionist general acknowledged that the recent attacks of Hamas are the most severe in history. Rocket fire rates are even higher than Hezbollah’s rocket attacks in 2006 and the fighting in 2019.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the 25 countries that supported Israel in a tweet yesterday, but did not include Pakistan’s neighbor India, which has caused a stir in India, on behalf of Indian consumers.

Indian citizens say we are supporting Israel but Israel is not supporting. Despite this, the leaders of India’s ruling party BJP continue to support Israel and are seen defending its actions on social media.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted flags of 25 countries in his tweet on social networking site Twitter, including the United States, Albania, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Hungary and Italy. Including Slovenia and Ukraine, the Israeli Prime Minister wrote in the accompanying message: “Thank you all for supporting our right to self-defense and for standing with Israel.”

In response to the Israeli Prime Minister’s tweet, a user wrote, “Sir, you have not hoisted my country’s flag, but that does not mean that we and our country are not with you, but that our country is Israel, another motherland.”


Another user said that where is the tricolor of India in the tweet.


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