Indian woman gives birth multiple times in nine months?

Bihar: An Indian woman becomes a mother 5 times in 9 months, but how is that possible?

According to foreign news sources, the incident took place in Muzaffarpur area of ​​Bihar, India which has made shocked everyone. When 65-year-old Leela Devi became a mother 8 times in 14 months, the state health department also became upset and launched an inquiry. The inquiry revealed that another woman had also allegedly ‘given birth’ to girls five times in nine months.

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It may be recalled that in the Indian state of Bihar, a special stipend of Rs. 1400 per child is given to the mother, to encourage her on the birth of daughters. Which are to be used exclusively for the development of the newborn child. Thus, the 65-year-old woman has become a mother nine times and received Rs. 11,200 from the state government, while Sonia Devi has also received Rs 7,000 for giving birth to five daughters in nine months.

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Following the departmental inquiry, it was revealed that both women had committed fraud by claiming they had given birth to daughter. According to reports, the women had became a mother only on paper so that they could receive money from the Indian government. While the woman has been taken into custody by the local police, the court has also taken notice, and proceedings have been initiated.

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