India’s continued Water Terrorism against Pakistan

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At the onset of monsoon rains, there have always been fears of flood in the country. Indian administration starts conspiracies to release water in Pakistan by diverting the river courses during the rainy season which leads to the release of too much water and causes destruction.

According to media reports, the Chenab River had faced moderate flooding at Chiniot, and crops along the river had been inundated during this season. With the sudden release of water from India, the water level raised, and the low-lying areas drowned so the residents who were living along the river started the migration to safe places. Similarly, heavy rains in Narowal have been reported along with reports of ground disconnection of several villages near the rain “Nullah Daik”.

According to media reports, 14 houses were destroyed and 20 houses were partially damaged due to torrential rains in the Neelum Valley area of ​​Azad Kashmir while a couple went missing after being swept away in the flood and this series continued. According to the Meteorological Department, rains will continue in Lahore and other cities of Punjab, which may cause flooding and loss of life and property.

In our region, monsoon rains begin in certain seasons and continue intermittently for several days and weeks. Therefore, timely and concrete planning is required to avoid flooding caused by these rains, which were forecast by the MET Department. Similarly, water experts had predicted the flood situation in rivers.

There is a formal agreement between the two countries to report the flow of water in the rivers on the basis of their own systems, but India, like the Shimla Agreement, never cared about this agreement. And when the monsoon rains starts, which causes the river levels inside Pakistan to rise and flood, India, based on its nefarious designs, suddenly releases water into the rivers coming to Pakistan which results in flooding.

So, it is a result of these Indian conspiracies that we have to suffer the ravages of floods almost every year. Even now, India is engaged in conspiracies to submerge Pakistan by releasing floodwaters, while we do not seem to have any concrete plan so far to get rid of this Indian conspiracy. The Chenab River is now flood-prone, irrigating much of Punjab’s land, but if the river floods, Punjab’s gold in the form of cash crops would submerge, and the next flood would make people’s lives miserable.

If Pakistan had built the dams on its share of the rivers under the Indus water treaty in the past and if we had also constructed hydropower projects on canals and dams, we would have had abundant and affordable hydraulic power. Due to this, there would never have been an energy crisis in the country, and the capacity of other dams to store water would have reduced the intensity of floodwaters and our low-lying areas would have been saved from flooding. But unfortunately, nothing had been done in the past.

Lack of water storage facilities in Pakistan gives India an opportunity to use plots to flood us, so they take advantage of such opportunities every year during the monsoon. Moreover, they are even behind the conspiracies against Kalabagh Dam. It has been made practically impossible by making it controversial by the puppet politicians, the losses of which are being borne by the country and the nation.

Under the same conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan, India did not allow Kashmir to be annexed to Pakistan and Kashmiris. They have maintained their illegitimate control over it despite getting the right to vote from the UN Security Council. For the last 709 days, the Kashmir Valley has been besieged by Indian troops. Despite this, the Kashmiri people continue their struggle for independence from Indian rule.

A few days ago, they had celebrated Kashmir Martyrs’ Day with courage and bravery in front of Indian dignitaries and exposed Indian atrocities in front of the United Nations. The Indian conspiracy to make Kashmir disputed is in fact a conspiracy to weaken Pakistan and it was under this conspiracy that it was able to stop the flow of rivers coming to Pakistan through Kashmir and release water towards Pakistan during the monsoon and drown it in floods. It is a matter of concern for our rulers and concerned departments who have neglected the construction of dams.

In this context, while we need to take concrete steps today to avoid possible flood damage, we also need to build all the required dams on our rivers with the spirit of survival and stability of the country that we need and also the effective breaking of Indian conspiracies.

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This write-up was contributed by Bisma Sajjad. She can be reached at @Bisma4PK

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