Infamous Hareem Shah wishes to play Halime Sultan if PM Imran plays Ertugrul

Pakistanis are drenched in the television series Ertugrul. And not a single day passes that we do not hear people talking about Ertugrul Ghazi and ending up in news headlines.

The latest we get to hear is that Pakistan’s infamous TikTok star has a wish to play Halime Sultan’s character if a remake of Turkish series happens.

Recently, Hareem Shah while giving an interview to a news channel showcased her feeling about the fascinating series. She said that the Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç worked so well in the drama. Her acting made me went into that golden span of time, in which they were shooting the series.

Furthermore, the TikTok star said that she desires to work as Halima Sultana in the Ertugrul series. Thereafter, the reporter asked, who do you want as your Ertugrul in the series? She said that Imran Khan can be Ertugrul.

Hareem belongs to Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan. Hareem’s Father name is Syed Zarrar Hussain Shah. He works in a government department. A few days back he posted a video to apologize from the Pakistani Nation for whatever her daughter is doing.

According to Hareem’s father, she is an Almaa and got an education in Islamic Institutes. She got very good grades and was a very sharp student. His father said that he has not sent her to any University or college but still she is doing things which hurt others.

Notably, she joined Tik Tok after leaving her home since her parents never allowed her to join Tik Tok.

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