Kajol Threatens to Leave Home After Rumors About Husband Ajay Devgn


Mumbai: Indian actress Kajol threatened to abandon her home with husband actor Ajay Devgn after rumors of increasing closeness between the latter and Kangana Ranaut began to surface.

Baaghi TV: According to media reports, news about ties and affairs between artists in Bollywood is a routine, but at times such news might endanger someone’s household. A similar incident occured between actor Ajay Devgn and wife actress Kajol when rumours of growing closeness between Ajay Devgn and actress Kangana Ranaut started doing the rounds.

During the shooting of the hit film ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’, reports started pouring in that Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut had had started getting closer and soon the relationship between the two would take a new turn.

Meanwhile, it was also heard that the two artists plan to work together in films ‘Tezz’ and ‘Rascal’. Kajol received the news calmly and with patience, but threatened husband Ajay Devgn that she would leave him and their home, taking their two children with her, if he didn’t end his friendship with Kangana Ranaut. Fortunately, things took a turn for the better before that could happen.

Ajay Devgn clarified in an interview that he had no affairs with anyone, stating that the media makes up news just by seeing two people together. He stated that he was happy with his wife and children, and that he loved his work and home.


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