Innocent Asifa Bano Case, Syed Ali Gillani demands execution of extremist criminals

Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir Chairman Syed Ali Gilani demanded the execution of criminals in Innocent Asifa Bano Abuse and murder case and expressed his views on the decision of the Pathan Kot court, saying that the way an innocent child was raped and killed has not only effected the people of the state, but has shaken the entire humanity.

According to the report, senior leader Syed Ali Gilani said that the poor people faced a planned conspiracy through this incident so that they should leave their area and move. The whole humanity is ashamed. He demanded execution of extremist criminals of Innocent asifa’s rape and murder. He further said that how could people who chant “save daughter, teach daughter” treat like this to those people who prefer to bury their baby daughters alive. He said that if a particular class of people face such criminal act and the society sends them to parliament in a majority of millions of vote, then this parliament is expected to come up with such laws.

The senior leader of the Kashmiri Kashmir leader Syed Ali Gilani, however, regretted that the real mastermind of this horrific incident had the advantage of the doubt, and said that no criminal and the culprit should go unpunished.

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