Inquiry Report of Rawalpindi Ring Road Scandal Completed

Inquiry report of Rawalpindi Ring Road scandal has been completed according to which the original Ring Road map of Rawalpindi’s 65km long Ring Road was changed.

According to Baaghi TV, Chief Secretary Punjab Jawad Rafique Malik has sent a report to the Punjab Chief Minister. After reading this report, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has approved to make the investigation report public.

According to sources, the changes in the RRR project were made by influential personalities whose properties were coming in the route of original map.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the alleged changes himself and ordered a detailed inquiry into the matter. The changes in ring road’s alignment would have increased the cost up to Rs25 billion.


Rawalpindi’s former commissioner Muhammad Mahmood has been found to be involved in the matter. It has also been revealed that Muhammad Mahmood’s brother has links with Makkah City.

According to the press release, former commissioner Muhammad Mahmood, former land acquisition controller Waseem Ali Tabish and former Project Management United (PMU) deputy director Abdullah  issued orders of changing the map without having the authority to do so.

According to the report, It has come under consideration that additions of Moorat-Attock Loop and Paswaal Zigzag were made to benefit private interests with the backing of influential personalities and bureaucrats.

It further said that the federal and Punjab governments were not informed about the necessary facts.

The report contains shocking revelations that Tauqeer Shah and a few Nespak officers have also been held responsible for the irregularities.

The report sent to the Chief Minister by the Chief Secretary said that Mrs. Zeeruk should be blacklisted by P&D Punjab. In addition, member P&D Farrukh Naveed should be removed from office and an investigation should be started against him.

It also directed the FBR and FIA to investigate 12 different housing societies and properties.

The report said that the project’s advertisement was unlawfully supported by the help of a PPP leader. It said that the commissioner did this to keep illegalities and his personal conflict of interest hidden from the public.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the scandal himself and exposed the corruption which might have sucked up Rs10 billion. This act was an attempt to ruin PM’s vision of vertical development of cities in the country.

The case is now being referred to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Establishment Division.

The authorities have also stated the process for suspension of the officials.

“NAB is being requested to inquire into Rs2.3billion spent unlawfully by Ex-Commissioner Mr Muhammad Mahmood on illegal land acquisition for building R3 centric hype for boosting sales of real-estate connected with him and with powerful public office holders.

Some housing societies are also being questioned for covering the faces of powerful people behind them and their benefit from this deceit.

The report also reveals that there are anonymous shareholders of current or retired officers in the housing societies including Nova City, New Airport City, Blue World, Unity City, Life Residency, SaaS developers, Capital Smart City and Top City so their involvement should be investigated.

The report, which was sent to the Punjab Chief Minister, also said that DC Attock, DC Rawalpindi, ADCR Rawalpindi, AC Rawalpindi President and Fateh Jang and Chief Officer Fateh Jang Tehsil Council have been appointed for their criminal negligence and silence should bee removed immediately. Relevant authorities should investigate the use of the name of National Security Sense by Col. (retd) Asim Ibrahim Paracha.



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