“Instead of rendering Rapists impotent, what punishment should be given?” Ansar Abbasi


According to the report of Baaghi TV, senior journalist and analyst Ansar Abbasi has said that the perpetrators of rape should be hanged as a warning sign.

Tweeting on the social networking site Twitter, Ansar Abbasi said that the beasts who abused women and children could be publicly hanged as a lesson.

Ansar Abbasi further said that leaving them in the society by making them impotent does not make them a lesson but they will remain a threat to the society as long as they live.

Commenting on Ansar Abbasi’s tweet, a user said that the subject was discussed in detail with a doctor who said that castration only destroys the ability of the breeder. But man can get sexual satisfaction while the real way to make him “impotent” is to cut off his genitals. If this is done then the world will consider Pakistan as a cruel country.

Another user, Mian Khalil, commented that the decision to make him impotent was not correct and that he should be sentenced to death. And secondly, legislation on men alone will not be enough. Women must also wear the hijab. Clothing that does not expose physical features.

Another user said that making a man immature can lead to more mental illnesses and other heinous crimes for the sake of revenge and peace of mind! I think hanging in public and hanging a corpse for at least three days can be a real lesson for others!

It is to be noted that after the motorway abuse case, there is a lot of anger in the urban circles over the non-conviction of the rapist. Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday approved the enactment of a law to punish the rapist. Faisal Vawda has started work on the draft.

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