Intensity in Corona virus spread as deaths continue in Pakistan

Baaghi TV has learnt that the third wave of COVID-19 has intensified across Pakistan, with 41 more deaths confirmed. 

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According to reports, the death toll is reported to be 14,256 while 4,525 new cases have surfaced in the last 24-hours. The highest number of deaths have been reported in Punjab meanwhile, most cases have been confirmed in Sindh.

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According to reports, the number of total active cases is 46,663 meanwhile, 598,197 patients have recovered since the outbreak last year.

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Moreover, a country-wide inoculation drive has been initiated in Pakistan. In its second phase, people over the age of sixty are being vaccinated. According to reports, registration for the third phase is set to begin on the 30th of March, in which people of the age of fifty will be eligible for vaccination.

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