Interest based economy, corruption and massive debts are Pakistan’s real challenges

Lahore October 9 (Online): Jamaat-e-Islami Deputy Amir Liaqat Baloch said the interest based economy, corruption and massive debts are the real hurdle in the development of Pakistan.

Addressing a gathering here on Friday, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan claim to transform Pakistan into a Madina-like-state proved a pack of lies as the government had not taken a single step to achieve the purpose in two years.

He said inflation and unemployment turned the life of a common man miserable and it became impossible for them to meet their ends in the prevailing circumstances. He said economy was on bad track and PTI destroyed the education and health sectors. He said people lost trust on elections and they were demanding real change in the country. He said the JI was the only party which could address the problems of the people if voted to power.

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