Interior ministry to take action against JUI-F

Islamabad (19th Oct, 2019): The interior ministry has decided to take action against Ansarul Islam, a militant group of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam.

It has been told to media that Ansarul Islam will be banned under Article 256 of Constitution of Pakistan 1973 and Section 2 of the Private Military Organizations Act, 1974. The PTI led federal government has allowed to the interior ministry to hold discussion with the provincial governments. Furthermore, the provinces will be allowed to take any kind of action against the militant group.

The summary prepared by the federal interior ministry said law and enforcement agencies reported that JUI-F has constituted an militant group which held a march in Peshawar holding sticks wrapped in barbed wires and apparently wants to challenge the government’s writ and peace and stability.

The summary briefed that the group comprises over 80,000 persons which may possess dangerous weapons as well. It feared that the law and order situation will be affected during the JUI-F’s Azadi March to Islamabad.

The National Action Plan does not allow any kind of militant group to function and the federal government have authority to ban such groups under the Private Military Organizations Act, 1974, the summary maintained.

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