Internet Explorer gets an official retirement day announcement

San Francisco, May 21, 2021: Microsoft has announced its intention to retire the Internet Explorer, a browser created 25 years ago, but which is now an option people seldom use because of the availability of rival offerings such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

The company made the announcement to decommission the software on Wednesday and said that the future of internet browsing on Windows 10 is now Microsoft Edge, a faster, secure, and smoother browsing experience compared to its predecessor. The announcement also noted the ease of compatibility that Microsoft Edge offered for browsing older legacy websites and applications.

The announcement brought on a slew of ribbing from social media users with people tweeting about how they never used it but the Explorer could finally rest in peace free from criticism. Another user said they have fond memories of using the browser to download Google Chrome at every system they started using. Some reminisced about its importance back in the day before competitor offerings appeared on the scene. The Internet Explorer made an appearance in 1995 and the official date that the software will go out of service is June 15, 2022. However, Internet Explorer-hosted websites and applications will still continue to work on Microsoft Edge till 2029 at least since many organizations have their websites based on the doomed Explorer.

According to Statscounter, as of April, the browsing arena is controlled by Google Chrome with a majority share of 65%, followed by Safari available only for Apple users with 19%, with Firefox and Microsoft Edge with 3.59% and 3.39% shares respectively.

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