Intolerance in Pakistan

Intolerance in Pakistan

It is evident from the pages of history that every new emerging nation or state devises a comprehensive strategy and mechanism regarding its future course of action on priority basis. In this regard, the intellectuals and experts share their minds during the foundation of the concerned state.

They analyze all the possibilities and opportunities with all concerning possible pros and cons. Indeed, their sincere efforts and valuable notions are reflected in the process of formulation of a constitution for their homeland. The framework of the constitution actually illustrates the ways and means of prosperity and development as an objective and destination for the concerned nation. Likely, the entire nation is expected to follow those prescribed manners__the constitution.

Unfortunately, Pakistanis faced a vacuum of leadership soon after the inception of Pakistan due to demise of the founding father Quaid-e-Azam in September 1948. The conditions were intensified further with assassination of PM Liaqat Ali Khan in October 1951. The deaths of prominent leaders created a space in national politics that could not be satiated till date. Their deaths did not merely create leadership vacuum at national level but the nation remained deprived of getting a comprehensive mechanism to determine their objectives and to devise a strategy to reach to their destined destination. It also opened doors for intolerance to be nourished in the minds of remaining souls and minds at national level. None of them was ready to listen the other.

Likewise, Pakistan remained deprived of a comprehensive and precise constitution almost for nine year. The delay in the constitution making for the newly born state provided enough space and time to intolerance to take place in the country. Intolerance strengthened its roots at societal as well as institutional level. Socially, Pakistanis are divided into numerous groups and classes due to ethnic, political, religious and economic differences. Each group and class considers itself superior and better than the others by proclaiming distinguished notions. The conception of superiority rather than equality accentuates intolerance towards other. Intolerance actually propels hatred and prejudice that halt the way of progress and development.

In addition, the national institutions are not free from the profanity of intolerance. All the institutions are in constant competition with the rest to grab more and more powers. They rarely strive to compete one another in efficiency and professionalism. In this race, all the institutions have lost their worth, credibility and significance but intolerance is obvious in their dealings. Usually, institutions are established to facilitate masses of the land across the globe. But, in Pakistan, people usually avoid institutions due to their awkward attitude and behavior. Instead of facilitation, people suffer intolerance, injustice and inequality. Intolerance as an action and behavior always promotes intolerance among people. In this regard, national institutions have a direct role in promoting intolerance instead of curbing it down.
Moreover, neglecting the existence of intolerance in Pakistan is one of the worst thing.

None of the stakeholders has ever pondered over the mess created by intolerance in Pakistan. For instance, political institutions have constantly been working in an intolerant environment since long. It seems very awkward when an intolerant institution directs other institutions regarding tolerance. That is the reason that all institutions defiantly depict intolerance in their routine procedures. Intolerance hits reformation and development process at every level. Intolerance at societal and institutional levels has set the constitution of the land aside. Intolerance needs a constitutional procedure to be tackled. Currently, the highest level of intolerance has been disrespecting the supreme law of the land at all aspects in Pakistan.

Similarly, avoiding constitutional procedures has not merely weakened the institutions but it has weakened the constitution itself. It’s the extreme level of intolerance that constitution of Pakistan incorporates a self-defense article as well while that is being violated frequently. Both people and institutions ignore the constitutional procedures in their dealings because of the intolerance. The constitution of Pakistan could not grow in a right direction to lead the nation as a whole towards destined objectives due to persistent intolerance. Unconstitutional means liked and followed by both people and institutions alike because of intolerance. Intolerance has accelerated a reverse gear in society that is leading towards mess and marshland.

Furthermore, Injections of intolerance have made the nation as a violent mob. It has transformed a dynamic and progressive nation into a static, wearisome and dull community. It has taken cooperation and coordination away from the socio-economic and political spheres in Pakistan. Intolerance as a state of mind has been taught very carefully and patiently since inception of Pakistan. It has devastated the nation very badly. Due to intolerance and stubbornness, Pakistanis have been tolerating social segregation, religious disharmony, economic disparity and political turmoil. It has made one of the strongest nations as fragile and vulnerable in every aspect. It is intolerance that has subdued the nation to foreign assistance.

In short, intolerance is one of the major issues as could be held responsible for reverse progress of Pakistan. Neither it can be eliminated easily from Pakistan nor is it a job of a day. Though, it is hard to address the issues of intolerance at once but not impossible. It needs enough time to be addressed. Multi-dimensional initiatives need to be taken on priority and immediate bases to tackle intolerance. Both individuals and institutions have to play their respective roles in this regard. The procedure of curbing intolerance lies in surrendering of personal wills of all to the constitution of the land. If the constitution does not address any issue that must be dealt with tolerance to reach to an agreed conclusion.

In other words, socio-economic and political developments can merely be sought out through constitutionalism. Pakistan as a state and Pakistanis as a nation are in dire need of intolerance free atmosphere to sigh with comfort. It is essential for realization of the very meaning and essence of foundation of Pakistan.


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