IOK simmers with anger as lockdown continues on 137th day

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (APP): The Kashmir Valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu and Ladakh in regions continue to simmer with anger as military lockdown has entered 137th running day, today.

According to Kashmir Media Service, restrictions under section 144 remain enforced amid huge presence of Indian troops.

Over eight million residents of the Valley are particularly bearing the brunt of the lockdown.

Internet, prepaid mobile phones and messaging services remain snapped in the occupied territory.

The continued absence of Internet service has cut off people not only from their surroundings but also from the world. It has also badly affected businesses, education of students and working of journalists.

Meanwhile, the residents of the Kashmir Valley continue to show their defiance and resentment against India’s anti-Kashmir moves by observing civil disobedience.

As part of this movement, the people keep their businesses shut and stay away from schools and offices.

Shops only open for few hours in the morning and evening.

Public transport also remains off the roads to a large extent.

Lockdown badly affected daily lives in IOK: Report


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