Iran claims to have arrested suspects in the murder of nuclear scientist


Iran has claimed responsibility for the assassination of a nuclear scientist, Baaghi TV reports.

According to the foreign news agency, Iranian speaker Hussein Amir Abdullah has said that some suspects involved in the murder of the scientist have been arrested and those involved in the crime cannot escape the law.

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Hussein Amir Abdulhain, an adviser to the Iranian parliament, said the facilitators had been arrested and would be brought to justice. Those who are involved in this murder or on whose behalf this incident has taken place should not sit idly by because, very soon we will reach out to them and give them our best response.

Iran has blamed Israel for killing Mohsen Fakhrizada. The Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Guards had revealed that Mohsin Fakhrizada, a nuclear scientist, had been killed by a satellite-controlled machine gun. The machine gun, equipped with an intelligence satellite, targeted the face of the nuclear scientist in the car, while his wife, who was only 10 inches away, was unharmed.

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It should be noted that a few days ago, Iran’s nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizada, was martyred during a terrorist operation. Mohsen Fakhrizada’s assassination was strongly protested by Iran, which hinted at Israel’s involvement in the assassination and vowed to take revenge on Mohsen Fakhrizada’s killers.

Mohsen Fakhrizada, the founder scientist of Iran’s nuclear program, was martyred in a terrorist attack in Tehran on November 27. The Zionist government announced in early 2018 that Mossad spies had tried to assassinate an Iranian nuclear scientist, but had failed. Earlier, it was reported that Mossad spies had attempted to assassinate Mohsen Fakhrzada Mahabadi, an Iranian nuclear scientist who was responsible for the nuclear reactor.

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Millions attended the funeral prayers for the Iranian father of the atomic bomb scientist. As soon as Mohsen Fakhrizada, the head of the nuclear program, was confirmed dead by the Iranian Ministry of Defense, the Iranian people took to the streets to express intense grief and anger.

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