Iran does not Intend to start a War with any Country, says Iranian President Hassan Rohani

President Hassan Rohani has said that his country does not intend to start a war with any country.

In his speech on private television broadcasting on Tuesday, he said that, on Friday, after attack on two oil vessels in Gulf Oman, the chances of collision between Iran and the United States has raised concerns. Washington has held Iran responsible for the attacks.

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, in the EU, said that the EU expressed concerns about Iran’s tension. We are currently working to calm the situation. Federica Mogherini further said that until today Iran has agreed to the nuclear deal according to our expectations. He said that the future report for the global agency’s Nuclear Energy is expected.

After the attacks on oil vessels in Gulf Oman, the United States and the United Kingdom have clearly made Iran responsible for the attacks. After the attacks, tension has increased in Iran and America and the aggression has been seen from both sides.

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