Iran hopeful of Pak cooperation to end tension, Mehdi Honordost


Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost on Tuesday said that Iran is hopeful of Pakistan’s cooperation in ongoing escalation between Iran and US.
Addressing an Iftar party in Iranian Embassy, he said that US will receive a strong response on attacking Iran, any miscalculations can be harmful for US.
He said that Pakistan and Iran have strong relations, but some elements are trying to harm these ties for their vested interests. The sanctions on Iran not a new process, and Iranian nation is ready to tackle them.
“Iran and Pakistan are two important countries and member of the Islamic family, they have a lot of responsibilities in the chaotic situation in the region, and regional cooperation is the only key and solution to all the problems” he added.
Answering a question Iranian envoy clarified that Iran cannot think about any attack inside Pakistan, the Quetta incident took place to spoil Pak-Iran relations.

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