Iran vows crushing response to US bullying

Tehran, 22nd September: Iran says the United States has unilaterally reinstated UN sanctions in a show of traditional bullying, to which it promises a decisive response.


According to the International News Agency, President Hassan Rouhani thanked the world powers for resisting US pressure to restore UN sanctions on Iran.

The Irani President said that the greater the US pressure on Iran, the more it is for the US itself. We have faced humiliation globally and this is our biggest achievement so far.

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In a televised speech, Mr. Rouhani said Iran would “give a crushing response to America’s bullying”.

On Sunday, an unnamed senior US official quoted by Reuters said that from Monday, Washington would impose sanctions on more than two dozen people and entities involved in the Iranian nuclear, missile, and conventional arms programs.

It should be noted that the United States had unilaterally reinstated UN sanctions on Iran through the ‘Snapback’ method yesterday, but other members of the Security Council did not support it and strongly criticized the US move.

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