Iran will be Foolish if it Doesn’t Agree to Negotiations: Trump

Lahore (27 June, 2019): US President Donald Trump says the Middle East’s decision to not negotiate nuclear talks would be very unrealistic and clear proof of ‘anxiety’.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, US President Donald Trump has said that if the leadership of the Middle East does not come to negotiate nuclear talks, it would be a very unrealistic and clear proof of ‘anxiety.’

The US President had earlier said, in the event of war, Iran would be forced on its knees as America will have the upper hand. He further said that the possible war with Iran will not be a major cause for tension.

In an interview with Business Fox News, President Trump said that he had hopes the war between America and Iran will not come to be. However, if the war was initiated, America will be the stronger party. Moreover, The US President warned on Tuesday that if Iran were foolish enough to target American interests, then Iran will be eradicated.

Furthermore, President Trump said that the Iran’s leader invests the public’s money on the advocacy of terrorism as they only understand the language of power.

On the other hand, Iran has rejected and dismissed criticism from the American President. Iran has said that the White House’s stance is unfair due to which the two-day conflict between the clashing states has failed. Iran in turn has consequently declared the American government to be foolish.


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