Iranian airplanes are not being fueled by foreign airports, Iran Protests to the UN

According to our report, Iranian official Murtaza Dhaqan, also director of the Civil Hubgi-e-Azam and International Affairs, said that Iran has complained to the UN sub-organization of civil society that due to international non-governmental restrictions, Iranian airline passenger planes are not being fueled on the airports. The current difficult situation has led to the intensity of American sanctions against Iran, but the fact is that sanctions against Iran are violations of international law.

Iranian officials said the fuel flights were four hours late in Ankara due to no fuel supply. Similarly, Germany’s flight to Germany on the Frankfurt airport lined eight hours. Iranian officials say that the aim of these measures is to eliminate ties with other countries of Iran. Iranian companies will try to solve this problem by sending oil.

He said that due to lack of oil in Ankara, the departure of an Iranian flight was delayed for four hours, and during the hours of continuous negotiations, the passengers were unconscious, but later two oil tankers were provided to the planes.

Iran is facing a lot of difficulties after sanctions from the United States.

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