Ireland Is Looking for Foreign Workers as Labour shortage has hit Europe worse than ever

Labour shortage has hit Europe worse than ever following the Coronavirus pandemic, and Ireland is no exception.

Yet, even if those people grouped in that 4.2 per cent in Ireland went into the labour market, they would not be able to meet the country’s need for workers, in particular, the need for skilled ones.

In order to tackle this challenge, like every other country in the EU, Ireland is also working to lure skilled and bright workers from around the globe, in particular those experienced in the fields in which Ireland is facing a serious labour shortage.

In order to take in the workers it needs most, Ireland has created a “Critical Skills Occupations List” based on which foreign workers can apply to move to Ireland and get a job there in the occupation that they are skilled in.

The list currently includes around 90 job titles, and for each of them, at least hundreds of workers are required to satisfy the needs of Ireland’s labour market.

Amongst the sectors that are facing the most challenges to fill in vacant positions is that of health, with the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE) being the main employers in search of skilled health workers.

The number of needed workers in the health service is expected to grow even more in the following years due to Ireland’s ageing population, as the country will count more retired people who will need health workers to take care of them.

According to a report prepared by the Institute of Public Health on the ageing population in Ireland and Northern Ireland, by 2051, there will be more than 2.1 million people aged 65 and older on the island.

Whereas the number of those older than 85 will increase to over 400,000, as the island expects the life expectancy to increase to over 88 years old for women and 85 years old for men.