Is 2020 a great year to start University?


Lahore, 28th June: Before talking about why 2020 is a good year to start university we should look at why it is a bad year to opt for a deferral and take a gap year?

Students who take gap years usually work or go abroad on trips to gain experience and exposure.

However, this year doing any of the two seems impossible as it is very hard to get a flight; even visa.

Moreover, people aren’t hiring new recruits because many businesses are downsizing due to the lockdown and inability of gathering enough customers.

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In addition to this, if many people defer this year, the intake to 2021 will increase which will make it more competitive for everyone to secure a seat in the university.

Instead, 2020 looks like being the best year for university admissions due to a combination of a low-point in the school-leaver population, a likely dip in international enrolments, and general uncertainty because of the virus crisis.

Similarly, this year due to the inability of students being able to sit for exams, universities will be lenient in taking in students and the criteria will be comparatively easier.

There is no other option but to Dam it!

The batch of 2020 will be the experimental batch, where universities will experiment with new and more digital ways of teaching students for the very first time in history.

Some people argue that if all teaching will be online with extra charges of computers, wifi, etc, the universities should not charge such a high fee.

Most universities are looking into it and might reduce charges. However, it might be a better choice to face a short term disruption in their university life rather than waiting for 1 year.

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