Is China hindering the coronavirus vaccine development?

United States (US) Senator Rick Scott has accused China of obstructing Western efforts to develop an effective vaccine against the coronavirus.

The statement rekindled the war of words between the US and China over the coronavirus.

Senator Rick Scott said the evidence from “our intelligence” confirms this. However, he did not elaborate on the evidence. China, meanwhile, released a document defending its anti-virus measures, saying it had begun briefing the US on coronavirus on January 4.

The death toll from coronavirus on Sunday has topped 400,000.

COVID-19: Worldwide death toll is on the rise

Figures released by Johns Hopkins University show that the number of confirmed coronavirus victims worldwide now stands at about 7 million.

Republican Senator Rick Scott, who was elected from the US state of Florida, has made new allegations against China.

“We have to hurry up and prepare the vaccine. Unfortunately, we have some evidence that China is happy to undermine and slow down our efforts to develop vaccines,” he said.

EU to use $2.7 billion fund to buy COVID-19 vaccines

“China does not want us (the United States), or the United Kingdom (UK) or Europe, to take advantage of them,” he said. China is determined to oppose democratic governments in the US and around the world.

Senator Scott is considered a strong supporter of President Trump. When he made the allegations, he was asked what the evidence was. He replied that he had received evidence from the “intelligence community and the armed forces”.

“There are some things I can’t talk about right now, I’ve been notified.” he added.

He also alleged that “if England or the US succeeds in developing the first vaccine, they will share it with the rest of the world, but if China develops the first vaccine, it will not do so.”

COVID-19 vaccine likely to be ‘99%’ effective, claims Chinese firm

It is to be noted that dozens of groups around the world are researching possible coronavirus vaccines, some of which have even entered the clinical trials. The first human test data proved to be positive in which coronavirus patient’s body produced antibodies against the virus.

However, no one currently knows how effective these vaccines will actually be.

It usually takes years to develop a new virus vaccine, but medical experts believe that the COVID-19 vaccine will be ready by mid-2021, but still there is no guarantee.

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